Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our Summer So Far

Can't believe we are already into our THIRD week of summer break!!!

So far we've had the dance recital....both girls did a really fantastic job. I could feel my chest swelling with pride as I watched Lindsi do her very graceful ballet dance to the theme of Beauty & The Beast. She is just a beautiful & elegant dancer.

This was Jami's first recital. There were 6 little Ladybug dancers in Jami's class. Sad to say, 4 of them just FROZE when they hit the stage. That left the two leaders, Jami & Kelsea to dance the routine. Although at that age...they are all such cuties to watch!!

Jami has completed 2 weeks of swim lessons:

We enjoyed a day at the lake. Lindsi was a tube riding fool....enjoyed the jet ski too....

Last week my niece stayed with us for several days. Then on Sat we took her home for her 5th birthday psuedo slumber party! All the girls came in PJs, but only we stayed the night. My sister had "Big" sisters there in charge of nail paintings & all the girls designed their own sleep masks. Very Cute!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


So, this was our car conversation on Tue as I drove the girls to dance class...

First, as we were leaving the house I was trying to call our friend BILL, to see if I should get him a ticket to the recital. So, Lindsi asked me who I was calling & I said BILL.
At the same time, walking out to the car, Jami is twirling & pirouetting, pretending to be BELLE.
Lindsi asked Jami what she was doing...here's the exchange:
Lindsi: Jami, what are you doing?
J: I'm dancing like BELLE.
L: You can't be BILL, he's a boy....you're a girl.
J: I'm BELLE...
L: But He's a boy....you can't be BILL...
After about 3 rounds of this discussion, I decide it is not going to settle itself & it quickly approaching the "are / "are not stage"...I fingerspell to Lindsi the difference in the words.

L: Oh.....I didn't hear the sounds right.

Immediately after I settle that, Jami let's out a big sigh & says....I'm FRUSTRATED.

Lindsi..perking up: WHAT?!
L: No you're not
J: Yes, I am
L: You're not even in Pre School...you can't be a FIRST GRADER
J: I'm Fru-strate-ted
L: Mom...J can't be a first grader yet.

Again...back to finger spelling (while I'm driving) so Lindsi can see the difference.

L: Oh...I not hear the sounds right again....

Mom: You think?? Probably time for a new MAP (adjustment to the CI)

I try to have compassion for crazy drivers because sometimes you just don't want to know what else they are dealing with when they drive....=)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

An Update & A Peek

Thank you all so much for the concerns & prayers for Lindsi's classmate Kayla. She is doing so much BETTER!!!!
She is awake & alert & off the ventilator now. She is still in ICU, but SO MUCH BETTER than she was on Sat. We are still praying for a full recovery. Everyone would love for her to be cancer free & back in the class with her friends by fall. Wouldn't that be great??!!

Here's a peek at Lindsi's ballet costume for next week.......
Can you guess the song they will dance to?

Finally, please check out my friend Lori's blog today. They are doing a raffle to raise the rest of the funds to bring home their beautiful (older) daughter. I just LOVE it when the older kids find a home. If you read through her blog, you might like to know that her younger daughter, Lucy, is from Lindsi's hometown, Fuzhou!

Did you guess the theme from Beauty & The Beast????? Doesn't she make a beautiful Belle??