Friday, May 29, 2009

A Jumble of Thoughts

We are so very busy as the school year comes down to its final days....
This week, the first graders had (very original) First Grade Day!!! Many outdoor fun water games, relay races, watermelon bingo, & kitemaking stations to visit. Yesterday, they had a field trip to the local park & lunch brought in by McDonald's. Today, they kids made a parent appreciation breakfast. All too much fun...
Next week they have three half days & get out for the summer on Wed afternoon. Everyone is beyond ready!!

The girls have their dance recital in 2 weeks. Practices seem to be going well....That should be fun.

One of Lindsi's classmates, Kayla, has a cancerous brain tumor. She was diagnosed with it about this time last year. She has gone through 2 rounds of chemo, but there was no change to the tumor. The Drs told her parents that it was inoperable & that she had about 15 months to live. That was in March. One surgeon stepped forward & said that he had 1 (ONE!) patient with a similar tumor as Kayla's, that he did operate & the child has been cancer free for a few years. It's an extremely risky operation. Kayla's parents had her scheduled for surgery on June 15.
All of a sudden, they hastily moved up the surgery & she had it on Tue. She survived the surgery!! The DR thinks they got it all. She is the first child EVER recorded to have the type of tumor she had, in the location that she had. She has not woken up yet, but is responding to voices & commands (squeeze my hand type of directions). The Drs think it could take a few days up to a month for her to "wake" up, but are hopeful that she is on her way to making a full recovery. Our thoughts & prayers are with her & her family. Really makes you stop & think about all the blessings in our lives.
UPDATED.....Kayla coded twice yesterday. She's on a ventilator & no longer responding to sounds. The DR have downgraded their hopeful for a full recovery to guarded, but still hopeful. I'm sick about it.

Monday, May 18, 2009

It is Super to be 7!!!

Friday afternoon I brought treats in to Lindsi's class to celebrate her birthday. Then, after school, we drove down to Ft Wilderness (at WDW) for a weekend of camping & birthday celebrating. We met up with my parents (& Jami). My sister & her kids drove over for the evening. After supper, we walked over to the BIG campfire & did a sing along & met Chip & Dale.

They also show a movie, but since we had a big day planned for Sat, we decided to call it an evening. Lindsi's CI batteries died just before the sing along started. I was so glad I could just leave the girls there (with my family) & run back to get some more. Oh..the perils of being a single parent.

On Sat, we headed to a breakfast at Chef Mickey's. The girls enjoyed it. For us, the Princess breakfasts are #1. We have also enjoyed lunch at the Crystal Palace with Pooh & Friends. This was good, but of the 3, was probably third on our particular list of favorites. They enjoyed it. Although this was the trip that Lindsi finally "got" that they are really people dressed as big characters.

Because it was Lindsi's actual birthday, she had a free day at Disney. We opted for Hollywood Studios. We had not been there before. It was less crowded, lots of air conditioning, & we only had half a day to spend at the park. We actually saw everything we wanted to....Beauty & The Beast Show, Little Mermaid Show, Muppet Show, Honey I Shrunk The Kids Playground, Block Party Parade, & saw several characters. We can mark that one off our list now. Lindsi got several Happy Birthday buttons to wear & absolutely EVERYONE at WDW made a huge deal out of it being her birthday. It was great fun for her. After a quick dinner at the camper, we went down to watch the boat parade & fireworks show.

On Sunday we went to the pool, Lindsi & her cousins rode & rode & rode down the water slide. We went downtown Disney & played in the water area there as well. We visited the Lego Center, the Toy Store, & the new Dinosaur Store. We went to the Disney store & so absolutely true to form, Lindsi chose an art set & Jami picked out Cinderella shoes with their Disney dollars.

A fun & exhausting weekend!!!!!! Happy Birthday Sweetie!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Spring Flowers

Every spring since we've lived here (so, for the past 5 yrs), I have taken pictures of first Lindsi & now both girls in our area wild flowers. This year has been so dry, that I thought the flowers were never going to come into their full color.

On Mother's Day, the girls were dressed nice & we decided to just go ahead & pick our flowers & do our annual pictures. They came out pretty nice, afterall...despite the drought.

Guess I need to change the sidebar photos now to the newest......


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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Lindsi's 1st grade class put on a play & "tea" last week at school. It was really cute. Her teacher divided the class in to thirds. The first group did the introduction, the second group read the parts & the third group acted / signed the reading parts.

I think the play was called Is That My Nest? It was about a cricket getting ready for the red bird & she went around letting all of the other animals know the red bird was coming. Each animal offered her home to the bird, but none was quite right. Then they all worked together to build a nest for the red bird as a present. Lindsi acted out the red bird part.

It was very cute! The kids did a great job.
Acting debut

The actors

The Red Birds (Reader & actor)

Cutest audience member....=) Enjoying after play brunch