Thursday, May 29, 2008

From May to June

Well summer seems to have arrived in our little corner of the world. If I had to name a season after each of my girls, Christmas would be Lindsi, because she loves to think up gifts for her loved ones, plan it all out, hold on to the anticipation, & then revels in the gift recipients reaction. She is very generous.

Jami, on the other hand, would be all about summer. She loves all the summer things..& especially the food. Just about anything that comes out of the garden is her "favorite". This past weekend we had slow cooked bar-b-q ribs, corn on the cob, & watermelon. All her "Favorites". This year she also loves the beach & pool.

We actually kicked the summer off in high gear. A birthday party on Sat, involving our water slide, "plop" painting in the driveway, & make your own ice cream cones. Afterwards, the girls & their cousins hit the pool. On Sunday we visited the Blueberry farm & 13 of us picked 16lbs of blueberries in just under an hour. It was warm, but fun! Jami turned out to be a great Picker!

On Mon, the older cousins went to the local water park & we went over to the SS. Not much of a crowd, which is great for us because there are no lines, and the girls always enjoy the glass bottom boats & other park type rides that are found over there.

School for another week & then sumer vacation will officially begin!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Tragedy By All Accounts

My heart is just breaking today over the tragedy that Steve Curtis Chapman's family is experiencing.

Here's the story

Basically, their 5 yr old, who would have been heading into kindergarten next year was killed in a family accident. Ironically, in the article before, I had just read & seen pictures of him & his wife Mary Beth from their recent trip to China, where he had performed some fund raising concerts.

The Chapmans have three older bio kids & three little girls adopted from China. I guess the biggest blessing here is that the whole family was touring around the country. He was scheduled to be at our (semi) local corn festival on Sat.

We had seen him in concert in April. He really adores his children & I can not imagine how difficult the days ahead will be for them. Please keep them in your prayers & hug your babies tonight.


Monday, May 19, 2008

April to May

I'm not sure how often I'll be able to update this Blog & it has been probably my biggest reluctance to starting one. However, I do want a way to keep our memories recorded & this seems to be a good way to do it.

We have just passed the Birthday Season in our house, with Jami turning 3 in April & Lindsi turning 6 in May.

Other big milestones reached......potty training successful in daytime hours for Jami. Lindsi completed her first season of soccer & has her ballet recital coming up in June.

Lindsi's recent speech evaluation shows her at Receptive: 6 yrs + 5 months / Expressive was about 4 yrs + 8 months, & overall speech was at 5 yrs + 3 months. Pretty pleased overall & very proud of her continued hard work & efforts. We have such a great team supporting us in our efforts

This summer we will work on better sentence structure & word endings.

Well, enjoy some birthday photos. We went to Disney for Jami's birthday. It was her first trip down to The Magic Kingdom. We started the day with a Princess Breakfast. My mother, sister & Niece, Emma joined us for the day. It was everything we had hoped for. Magical & fun. All three girls had a great day.