Monday, May 19, 2008

April to May

I'm not sure how often I'll be able to update this Blog & it has been probably my biggest reluctance to starting one. However, I do want a way to keep our memories recorded & this seems to be a good way to do it.

We have just passed the Birthday Season in our house, with Jami turning 3 in April & Lindsi turning 6 in May.

Other big milestones reached......potty training successful in daytime hours for Jami. Lindsi completed her first season of soccer & has her ballet recital coming up in June.

Lindsi's recent speech evaluation shows her at Receptive: 6 yrs + 5 months / Expressive was about 4 yrs + 8 months, & overall speech was at 5 yrs + 3 months. Pretty pleased overall & very proud of her continued hard work & efforts. We have such a great team supporting us in our efforts

This summer we will work on better sentence structure & word endings.

Well, enjoy some birthday photos. We went to Disney for Jami's birthday. It was her first trip down to The Magic Kingdom. We started the day with a Princess Breakfast. My mother, sister & Niece, Emma joined us for the day. It was everything we had hoped for. Magical & fun. All three girls had a great day.


kris said...

So glad you joined the blogosphere! Happy Bday to Jami & Lindsi, looks like you had lots of fun at Disney :O) I'm so impressed with Lindsi's speech eval, that's awesome!!

Sandra said...

Welcome to Blogland :-)

Val said...

Love your princesses! And so glad you're blogging. Can't wait to finally meet all three of you!

Pam said...

ok, so my sister-in-law and now my sister have both entered Blogland this month..........maybe that is a sign for me LOL Can't imagine the ravings of a PTO Mom!