Sunday, March 7, 2010

The World of Why

I just LOVE that I have another chance to experience a 4 yr old. When Lindsi was this age, she hardly had any language & she did not go through some of the more "typical" stages that Jami FULLY LIVES.

Jami has a fantastic, analytical mind. Here are the GREAT questions from this week:

- WHY is "1" a NUMBER and not a LETTER?

- WHO decided that Curious George should be the type of monkey without a tail?

- Does Fire fly? No.....The sun is made of fire though, right? Me: Yes... Jami: well, if fire doesn't does the sun stay up in the sky??????

She's a thinker & a dreamer & more dramatic than almost any other 4 yr old that I know. Wow! Do we love her! And we are so thankful that we got to be her family.