Thursday, July 31, 2008

Beach Weekend

J at the beach last year.......

J & L getting ready to hit the beach this year....(notice the boots?)

A message for MOM

J enjoying the sand this year

After weeks of asking to go to the beach, we finally made it there last weekend. The girls had a good time. J has come a long way in a year. Last summer I had to put down a blanket, then a towel, then her chair...& she sat in the chair with her feet up. She did not like the sand at all.

This year, she wore her rain boots down to the beach, but eventually took them off.
She still preferred the beach to the waves (OK with mom..since we have pretty bad undercurrents & shallow water swimming sharks this summer).

We are headed to a different beach this weekend. Meeting up with some old (& new) friends. Hopefully, I'll have lots of pics to post upon our return.


Friday, July 18, 2008

Swim Lessons

Another summer milestone has passed....Swim lessons are over.

L did very well this year & can actually do a pretty good freestyle, she has really great form in the water. She was one step away from learning how to do her side breathing. They teach swim lessons all the way through elementary age...including all of the strokes.

Until she got to this point, it was a Mom decision. I guess next year, I will let her decide about taking them, but I hope she will decide to continue learning the different strokes.

J ended up at the stage where they practice rolling from prone to back & then back again. She passed her test where they throw them about 6 ft out into the pool & she has to turn around & get to the side. She will be taking swim lessons again next year....=)

In our pool (well, it is actually at Grandpa & Grandma's house), she is still more comfortable "All Decked Out".....that way she can get around the water without any adult help. Doing it all by herself....her daily 3 yr old motto.

Friday, July 11, 2008

SCC is back

If you are inclined to send up good thoughts, please think about Steven Curtis Chapman & his band this evening as they go back on tour tonight following the accidental death of his daughter Maria, back on May 21.

I was never a HUGE SCC fan, but I have a couple of his CDs & we did happen to see him in concert in April. I have known his music, but I do not regularly (or ever, really) listen to Christain radio.

But, ever since Maria was killed, I have folowed their journey here:

Tonight they are back on stage in WI. They will being doing a press junket / circuit in early Aug, hitting GMA,Larry King, & People magazine.

Have a good weekend.

June to July.......

Camping..Roasting marshmellows for S'Mores

Painting our pottery........

What our afternoons look like around here......

The summer is just zipping by. I can't believe it is half over already. I do hear L remark occassionally that she is ready to go back to school. I guess Mommy has not made her summer work hard enough..haha...

Last week we had my niece with us. Fun times for my crew with her around. My sister & her family were camping in the area so we went out for a cook out one night. And we tried our hand at the Paint Your Own Pottery place. It was fun & something different for us to do. L has an Art Camp there is about 2 weeks.

This week & next the girls are doing swimming lessons. L has really done well this year. She can easily swim the width of the pool & is working on being able to swim the length. She could if she HAD to, but it is still a little far for her. J got 2 stickers last week when she passed her "throw them in & make them swim to the wall" test. Next week they will work on arms with her. She is pretty small & they want to give her that skill so that she can move faster in the water before her air runs out......=) She's a good kicker though & calls herself "The Little Motorboat".

Enjoy a few recent pics.....