Monday, October 26, 2009

A Gavin-ism

Related to me by my sister this weekend.

Her 7 yr old son stated to her recently, "Wow! Have you noticed how well Lindsi's speech has gotten lately? But, her hearing is still pretty bad!".........

Thanks for noticing Gavin........=)

Aunt Debby

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pumpkin Patch with Family & Friends

On Sunday we were working at the Pumpkin Patch. Just about everyone in town stops by at some point. It's a great place to see old friends. The first person I saw was a cousin who now lives in SC..surprise! Then my sister & her family stopped by on their way home from a camping trip:

Cousins are so much fun!!!

The rest of the afternoon was a great visit with Mei Mei. The girls, well, Lindsi, my big sister extraordinaire, just loved being around Mei Mei. Lindsi especially, would love to be the big sister to a tribe. Jami is happy with our family as it is. Since Jami is my baby, it's hard to see how grown up she is becoming. Then you take pictures like this & see how much difference 1 year makes.

I can't help but think how richly blessed both Kris & I are by these girls.....

After lots of visiting, the girls picked out a couple of pumpkins for school & for home.

Not this batch....pretty though, right??

We're taking home this load!

The day pretty much ended like this for all of us....only Jami beat us to it.

Fall is here & a Trip to a little zoo

Finally fall has come to Central FL. After record breaking Oct temps in the 90's last week, we have new record breaking temps, nights in the 40's this week. Ahhh....

Off with the A/C, on with the

On Sat we went to a birthday party held at a local college zoo. We unexpectedly got to meet HER(who was there for a completely different reason), Wow! what a pleasant surprise!

The birthday party was fun, the zoo educational, even when the guide got bit by the snake she was showing the kids. I was IMPRESSED! If I'd ever been holding the snake (which, you'd have to pay me alot to do), & it bit me, I'm quite sure I would have dropped it.......sadly to say, even among the the crowd of 3-7 yr olds. That's why I'm not a zoo guide....=)

It looks like Lindsi didn't want to touch the turtle, but I caught her just as she finished petting it & pulled her hand away.

Surprisingly, Jami pet everything they had to offer.....

Lindsi took all the zoo animal pictures.....

A fun day

Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm Growing Some.....

Last week Lindsi had her 7 yr old check up. She measured in at 51+ inches tall, 87% on the US charts. That's down from her previous height percentage of 95%...but I could see that where she used to be one of the tallest kids in her class, a few of them have caught up to her now, so I wasn't surprised.. She weighed in at 58 lbs..about 75% for weight. She is long & lean...nearly all muscle.

This summer, I started to notice that Lindsi's chest area was changing. She noticed it too, as she proudly announced to her Grandpa one day..."Look, Grandpa...I'm growing some"...My dad innocently answered..."What are you growing?"......She proudly puffed out her chest & answered "Boobs!".....Which took my poor dad a moment to recover from....And she was more than excited to find in her cousins hand me down clothing bag, a few stretchy girl bras. She wore them for about a week & then put them in the bottom of her drawer.

I was mildly concerned. But, she was showing no other signs of growing up, so I didn't know what to make of her new, no longer exactly flat, chest shape.

So, I asked her Ped to take a look. She did.....hmmmmm..."Does Lindsi play sports?" she asked. I told her that she danced twice a week & swims a great deal.....
Her Dr turned to me & said....."What I see are some mighty nice, pectoral muscles. Great definition....but no onset of puberty." I think I said.."GREAT!"

I've been laughing at myself ever since. I was truly relieved that she was not entering puberty early & instead she's just got a great toned & muscular frame, including some great pecs that I'm sure are the envy of a few.