Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall is here & a Trip to a little zoo

Finally fall has come to Central FL. After record breaking Oct temps in the 90's last week, we have new record breaking temps, nights in the 40's this week. Ahhh....

Off with the A/C, on with the

On Sat we went to a birthday party held at a local college zoo. We unexpectedly got to meet HER(who was there for a completely different reason), Wow! what a pleasant surprise!

The birthday party was fun, the zoo educational, even when the guide got bit by the snake she was showing the kids. I was IMPRESSED! If I'd ever been holding the snake (which, you'd have to pay me alot to do), & it bit me, I'm quite sure I would have dropped it.......sadly to say, even among the the crowd of 3-7 yr olds. That's why I'm not a zoo guide....=)

It looks like Lindsi didn't want to touch the turtle, but I caught her just as she finished petting it & pulled her hand away.

Surprisingly, Jami pet everything they had to offer.....

Lindsi took all the zoo animal pictures.....

A fun day

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