Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Tragedy By All Accounts

My heart is just breaking today over the tragedy that Steve Curtis Chapman's family is experiencing.

Here's the story

Basically, their 5 yr old, who would have been heading into kindergarten next year was killed in a family accident. Ironically, in the article before, I had just read & seen pictures of him & his wife Mary Beth from their recent trip to China, where he had performed some fund raising concerts.

The Chapmans have three older bio kids & three little girls adopted from China. I guess the biggest blessing here is that the whole family was touring around the country. He was scheduled to be at our (semi) local corn festival on Sat.

We had seen him in concert in April. He really adores his children & I can not imagine how difficult the days ahead will be for them. Please keep them in your prayers & hug your babies tonight.


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