Thursday, May 29, 2008

From May to June

Well summer seems to have arrived in our little corner of the world. If I had to name a season after each of my girls, Christmas would be Lindsi, because she loves to think up gifts for her loved ones, plan it all out, hold on to the anticipation, & then revels in the gift recipients reaction. She is very generous.

Jami, on the other hand, would be all about summer. She loves all the summer things..& especially the food. Just about anything that comes out of the garden is her "favorite". This past weekend we had slow cooked bar-b-q ribs, corn on the cob, & watermelon. All her "Favorites". This year she also loves the beach & pool.

We actually kicked the summer off in high gear. A birthday party on Sat, involving our water slide, "plop" painting in the driveway, & make your own ice cream cones. Afterwards, the girls & their cousins hit the pool. On Sunday we visited the Blueberry farm & 13 of us picked 16lbs of blueberries in just under an hour. It was warm, but fun! Jami turned out to be a great Picker!

On Mon, the older cousins went to the local water park & we went over to the SS. Not much of a crowd, which is great for us because there are no lines, and the girls always enjoy the glass bottom boats & other park type rides that are found over there.

School for another week & then sumer vacation will officially begin!!

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kris said...

You guys have been having TONS of fun :O) Can't wait to see you guys again!