Friday, June 6, 2008

Kindergarten Graduation....Check

We are starting to check items off of our big Summer To Do List. Yesterday was the last day of school & they had a very nice graduation for the Kindergartners.

(Note to self...get there earlier when J graduates...=) It was CROWDED!

The little "graduates" came into the cafeteria wearing their caps & gowns. I was actually surprised when a little lump formed in my throat at seeing L all dressed up like that. As soon as she spotted us, she had a big smile.

There were 6 classes of K this year. L's friend goes to a school in O town with 14 K classes!!!! Anyways, they did 2 songs as a group, then one at a time, each class took to the stage where they sang one song (L's class sang "I still can't spell Hippopotamus") & were presented individually their certificates....posed for pictures & then walked off stage. Each class had one reader who read a part of a K poem. It was cute & I was very impressed with how well the "readers" did. No one seemed to be nervous at all.

They they showed a slide show of the kids from the first day of school, through the seasons, field trips, special school events, all the way through last weeks Water Day. It was very nice, set to cute friendship music. Then they sang 2 more songs.

L got the award for the highest AR reader in her class. Yea!!

Pictures are coming.....=)

Today, the girls slept in. We've made cookies & I promised them fruit smoothies this afternoon. L is is stringing bead bracelets & J is either helping or still doing puzzles......not sure.

Our summer has started!

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Sandra said...

Good for L for doing so well!! I know you are proud of her. Our graduation was last night and it was wonderful as well. Enjoy your summer :-)