Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fun Summer Wednesday

We had a really great day yesterday. It was Wednesday, which is my day off.

First, L & I took J to her little Parents Morning Out program. Since it is over at the BIG Methodist Church, we call it "Church School".

Then I got my yard mowed & my garden weeded...two big projects knocked off of my To Do list. (thanks Dad, for the help)....

We went to Speech & then spent the rest of the afternoon at Wild Waters. We have a season pass, but it was our first time. We spent it mostly in the kid area. Neither of my girls can be described as thrill seekers & they did not want to try the bigger slides. I think I could talk my oldest into going down with me, but that is not allowed. And anyways, when I'm by myself, I don't have anyone to leave J with, so I guess it is just as well. They really liked the Wave Pool. J had a huge grin at the end & declared "That was FUNTASTIC!!"
Although, I hope they grow out of the current stage, because I love all the fast stuff, water slides, roller coasters.......ect...

I have to add that I was EXTREMELY IMPRESSED with the life guards. It was a slow day there...& in the children's area I would say there were about 15 children playing. The water is about waist deep for Jami, & since she doesn't swim, I stayed with her. But, I noticed only two other mothers in the water with kids...the rest of the moms were settled back in lounges with books & magazines.

There were probably 7(!!) life guards in this area & each patrolled a section. They did not stop moving....they were constantly checking around the play area, in the play tubes, ect.....I really believe no child could drown in that area with that much hyper vigilence. They were super concentrated on their duties.

My sister & her kids are coming up for the weekend....I think I see Chuck E Cheese in our future for tomorrow. That may be fun for the kids....much less fun for

We got out the easel & did painting outside today. I'll have to take some artwork photos to share.....=)

We plan to be back at Wild Waters in a few weeks, & next time, I'll take the camera.

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