Friday, June 27, 2008

The Big Dance

Last Saturday night was L's big dance recital. She did a ballet dance to Tiny Tot Bal*let & a jazz dance to Heard It Through The Grapev*ine. The (approx) 7 yr old class had invited "Dads, Uncles, & Favorite Friend" to dance with them in a rendition of Going To The Chap*le. Very sweet, with the little girls in white dresses & veils & their male counterpart twirling them at appropriate moments. Other memorable dances were the 3 yr old NEON frogs....& just when you thought it could not get any cuter, the 4 yr olds came out dressed as cows.

My favorite though, was a music box rendition of John Lennon's Imagine done on Pointe. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

Next year will be even better, as my squirmy seat mate will be in the show & I will get to enjoy the entire event without distractions. A friend said she was going to draft me to be a room mother (back stage babysitter) next year. I really THINK NOT!!
She apparently does not know me as well as she thinks she
Enjoy the pictures......

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