Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Lindsi's 1st grade class put on a play & "tea" last week at school. It was really cute. Her teacher divided the class in to thirds. The first group did the introduction, the second group read the parts & the third group acted / signed the reading parts.

I think the play was called Is That My Nest? It was about a cricket getting ready for the red bird & she went around letting all of the other animals know the red bird was coming. Each animal offered her home to the bird, but none was quite right. Then they all worked together to build a nest for the red bird as a present. Lindsi acted out the red bird part.

It was very cute! The kids did a great job.
Acting debut

The actors

The Red Birds (Reader & actor)

Cutest audience member....=) Enjoying after play brunch


Amy said...

Aww. Congratualtions, Lindsi! What an adorable Red Bird (and yes, Jami for sure must have been the cutest audience member)!

Hoping your Mother's Day was so very Happy!


Donna said...

Belated Happy Mother's Day to you and your girls...that last picture is too cute!