Friday, February 13, 2009

More WDW Pics

We were going to have dinner with our friends Lisa & Emme (& Lisa's mom) on Thu, but we just had trouble coordinating our plans. SO...we ended up grabbing dinner ourselves & then visiting for a few hours in their hotel room.

Isn't this the MOST CONTAGIOUS smile??

The Three Amigos

Laughing Together All Night

Lindsi's big sister instincts really kicked into high gear with Emme. In the character parade at the restaurant, Emme's shoe fell off. Lindsi gently pulled her out of the parade line, fixed her shoe & then helped her join back in. Lindsi was just so sweet with her.
Jami really liked Emme too. Mostly in the..FINALLY, someone smaller than me...look what I can do dept. Whatever daring stunt Jami did, Emme was sure to follow. Jami liked THAT. Only once did I see / hear Jami exclaim loudly to Emme that Lindsi was HER sister. Mostly Jami was content to let Lindsi & Emme enjoy their mutual adoration, because then she had me almost all to herself.

We had such a fantastic day. I sure wish everyone lived closer! It was way too short of a visit!!


Amy said...

PRECIOUS. :) So precious...

Sandy Toes said...

They are so the sunglasses!
-sandy toe

Lost and Found said...

Emme had just a GREAT time with Jami and Lindsi and loves to look at the photos of the three of them on the bed tush side up. We can't wait to visit FL again so we can see you guys again. We had a BLAST and it was such a pleasure to meet you and the girls.