Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Day Trip to Shands

About once a year we make a trip up to the Univ hospital & I schedule all of the girls appts on the same day, so we can take the day & do back to back appts. (We go up there more often to see our Audiologist, but this day we see her + the others we need to check in with annually).

We started with our Audiologist. They checked out the mappings on Lindsi's cochlear, did some fine adjustments. They tested & fixed her FM system from school. Lindsi had a booth test. We explored options for a cable that can fit into an Ipo* Su**le (#1 gift request on Lindsi's May birthday list). All went well there. Our audiologist is 8 months pregnant with her first baby.

Next, we went to lunch. Lindsi had about 100 questions about Dr G's baby. Was it growing in her? How was it going to get out? What did it eat? Would she need a DR to help get it out? Would she cry? HOW did it get in there??!! Delightful restaurant lunch time conversation. My mom was with us & fully enjoyed the show.

After lunch we went to see our ENT. A regular check up. The PA cleaned Lindsi's ears. On the un implanted side she pulled out a piece of matter that was easily twice the size of a pencil eraser. YUCK! That's the ear that she routinely gets her infections. Of course, once that was out & she could see, what she saw was a very ugly ear infection underneath, & behind the drum. The good thing is, Lindsi is asymptomatic, no fevers, no tenderness, nothing, as it effects her ears. The bad thing is, Lindsi is asymptomatic...no indications of the infection. I usually do not know she has one until it starts draining. This time, the plug was holding it all in.
She was put on antibiotic drops & we need to set up a series of recurring ear checks with our local Ped. If the ear infections become continuous, she may have to have surgery to correct a problem with that ear. Fortunately, for now, they have contained themselves to that ear, but it could easily cross over to the implanted ear & we really do not want that to happen.

After that great news we went to the ENT Audiologist & had new swim ear plugs custom made for Lindsi. I also picked up a pair of Doc Pros for Jami. So, we should be set for summer swims now. I'm excited because apparently they now make the custom plugs out of material that will float. In the past, if it popped out, it immediately went down to the drain.


Laurie said...

YAY for floating earplugs! :-) And, I saw your comment and just emailed you, so let me know if you don't get it.

Lost and Found said...

Sorry Lindsi has an infection but glad it's on its way to being cleared up. I just saw a headband on One Step Ahead that holds ear plugs in. I think it comes with a set of moldable ones. I may get this for E since she tends to get fluid in her ears and loves the pool. I think we're back to trying to plan that CA trip.