Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Saturday fun with PBS

Last Sat, our local library in conjunction with the local PBS station brought in Curiou* Georg*. They also set up science & recycle stations within the library for families to enjoy. I think they expected a couple hundred & my guess is there was between 700-1000 people there! They did organize it pretty well & as long as you could stand in line patiently, it was quite fun once you got into the first room.

The girls knew we were going to CG...but I don't think they (or me for that matter) knew exactly what to expect. They were pleasantly pleased when they saw him.
The first activity we did was making your own little tomato pots completely out of newspaper. If you don't use tape to hold it together, it will compost entirely. The secret is adding you dirt immediately...=) And, we got a free package of seeds.
Next the girls tried a water experiment where you "push" drops of water across a tray by "wind" blowing through a straw. They enjoyed that activity & racing each other.
And they had a station where you could inspect top soil. Also a station where you could bury & retrieve objects in very fine sand.
Overall, a fun time.


Amy said...

What fun, Debby! I love the pictures of Lindsi and cute! The girls really look like they enjoyed themselves thoroughly. :)

Thank you for stopping by after my hiatus, Deb. I have really missed all of my bloggy friends.

Joy said...

This looks like fun. I like the tomato planter idea. I'll look it up online. I'm about to plant tomato seeds.

In answer to your question about where we took Quinn for her birthday, it was Cheddars in Houston. I know there are more. I just don't know where, other than in Texas. You can go to Cheddars dot com and check it out.

Joy :-)