Wednesday, February 10, 2010

No More Blanket

I've often wondered how many wash cloths the White Swan lost over the years to families with newly adopted children? After hearing story after story of how the babies would cling onto a wash cloth, it's a wonder the Coming Home Barbie didn't come wrapped in one.

Our family, was no exception. From the very first day that I had Lindsi, she would fall asleep, thumb in her mouth, running the silk tag of a wash cloth through her fingers. We soon replaced the wash cloth with a hooded towel & for several years, that served as her "Blankie". It has always been a background item, a source of comfort. As Lindsi got older, there were rules about the could go into the DR office, but not to school. Eventually, it spent more & more time in my bag & then, in the car. Always within reach, & needed most often when the "tireds" crept in.

A few years ago, the hooded towel was retired & a Gym*Bor*ee blanket became the "Blankie". It has gone everywhere with us.... It's the first thing she grabs when she gets in the car or comes home from school. It's such a part of her, that she has never forgotten or lost it somewhere along the way. She always knows where it is.

However, as it is with much loved items, The "Blankie" has definitely seen better days. Grandma has repaired it several times. This past weekend, (horror) the silky tag fell off...................

At which point, Lindsi held up her beloved blankie & announced....I don't need this anymore & put it away. I haven't seen the blanket since Sunday.

I'm really proud of her. Having suffered a blanket trauma when I was a kid, I was just never going to be the parent that could come between the blanket & the child. I expected it to be with her when she went off to college.

She is growing up in so many ways.

In fact, I'm pretty sure, at this point...I'm missing the blanket much more than she is.


Sandra said...

Oh wow, good for Lindsi!

Jazzie has always been a blankie girl. I cannot even imagine her giving it up any time soon. Like you said, the blankie is a big part of Jazzie and I know I would be said too if I wasn't able to see her sleeping with her blankie pressed against her nose anymore.

Amy said...

I read somewhere that the only way we can truly foster independence is to allow dependence. That's just what you did, Debby. And sure enough, you have a very secure little girl to show for it. How awesome!

Way to go Lindsi!

And way to go Mommy!


Mailia's Mom said...

Awwww. What a sweet, sweet story.
Almost made me cry. So glad we have our blogs to remember these moments.

Lost and Found said...

I worry about "dog" akak Twinkie every day. He goes everywhere!