Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Post #100 Happy Spring

I would like to say that I haven't posted much lately because not much has been happening, but with 2 young kids running around, that's not really true. There actually has been A LOT going on around here. We are just around the corner from celebrating both girls' birthdays, so I'm sure I'll have plenty to Blog about then.....=)

Until that time...here's what's been going on in our little world:

- I hit something...pothole? Branch? & flattened 2 tires....they needed to be replaced.

- Discovered that BOTH Lindsi's cochlear implant processors needed to be replaced, due to wear & tear on the units. That's about $1000, but LUCKILY, looks like our Health Insurance (that we only have until my co switches to a new one on May 1) is going to upgrade her. Waiting to see what the payment on that might be. I'd looked at the upgrade when it came out last summer, but it cost $8000. Sorry, Chickie...

- Today, we have no water. I can hear my pump running, but nothing is coming up out of the well. SIGH.........

- One of these months we're going to get break!

Onto better news...
- The girls enjoyed the zoo over Spring Break. They also got to spend a lot of fun time with their cousins.

- Trying to decide what we are going to do this summer.........it will most likely be a hodgepodge of little experiences.

- My brother, brother in law, & nephew are gearing up to hike a portion of the Appalachian Trail this summer. They leave Approx June 10 for 1 month. They will be hiking the Southern end, going North as far as they can.

Enjoy the East pics (finally).....

The girls with their cousin Sarah. We all LOVE Sarah......=)

My mother made both of the girl's Easter dresses this year. Didn't they come out nice? The girls' picked out the material, I picked the pattern, & Mom sewed them up.

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