Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to the sweetest, most wonderfully awesome 8 yr old that I know!

Lindsi was excited about her special day. We lit the candles at church this morning. After church, I had planned to take the girls swimming, but they opted to hang around the house & play with some of Lindsi's new craft kits instead.

Tonight, she chose the local Chinese Buffet for dinner. I think she ate her 5 lbs of shrimp & 3 bowls of mandarin oranges. We stopped at the local ice cream place on the way home for mini sundaes.

Pretty low key birthday this year, but exactly what we needed......

From this (2003).......

To this (2007)......

To this...(2010)...Happy Birthday 8 yr old!


ourchinagirls said...


She is growing up to be a very beautiful girl!! Happy Birthday! Ours is next!


Jill said...

Debby, you have two precious little girls there!!!!! Happy EIGHTH birthday to sweet Lindsi!

Monica said...

Beautiful girls! Lovely photos. Happy 8th birthday!