Thursday, January 20, 2011

Is it 2011 Already? Where have I been??!!

Those of you who follow me on FB already know that 1 month ago today, I was having emergency major surgery. Surgery that has a recovery rate of 4-6 weeks. I was able to get myself up & out of bed in record time, but there are many aspects of the recovery process that just take time. I continue to feel better every week, but I still do not think I am at 100% recovery....yet.

I was so thankful that this happened over the holidays for many reasons. Primarily, my teen niece was able to come stay with my parents & help entertain the girls. Being the holidays, my parents avoided the stress of the school schedule, homework, or extra curricular activities. However, that meant they did have to entertain 2 active girls EVERY DAY. That's a big task if you are not accustomed to it.

The girls were thrilled that I got out of the hospital on Christmas afternoon. And, thrilled again when I got my driving privileges back just in time for cheer leading & dance to resume.

I've sort of been a SLUG lately. I went back to work 10 days post op (but only because I work from home & could nap as needed). Last week I had a sick child home with me all week. I still have to unpack our stuff that we got for's slow going. Thankfully, I don't stress over stuff like will get done when it gets done.

I leave you with a few Christmas pics & the girls with their cheer leading activities. They both are enjoying the cheer leading a lot!!


Anonymous said...

What happened?..


Lori said...

Oh my, your girls are SO STINKIN CUTE!!!

And don't I feel so very guilty for not knowing about your surgery!! I recall you saying you were in the hospital but I kind of assumed it was something planned...??? Where the heck was I when you posted about it on FB? My sincere apologies for not noticing!!!

Great post!

Love ya!

Sandra said...

So glad you are feeling better!
The girls are SO cute :-)

Mailia's Mom said...

YAY Debby!! You're back!!! I've missed you and those sweet little faces of your girls. LOVE all the new pictures and have to say that they MUST be the CUTEST cheerleaders anywhere! :-)
So glad your recovery has gone well and hope that you'll soon be good as new. (((hugs)))
Mailia's Mom