Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break has Sprung

Ah....the girls are back in school & all is quiet around the house this morning, after our fun filled spring break week!!

No big vacation, but fun times.

The first day of spring break, we met up with our dear friend Miss E & her parents. We had promised Miss E a trip to Build A Bear for her birthday...which was in Jan!! It was a first for my girls too. Very enjoyable & a quick lunch afterwards with their new stuffed friends ended the day in grand fashion!

On Wednesday, we picked up another special friend & spent the day at the beach.........What Fun!!
Kiddie pool, Building sand castles (the girls even "won" tiny trophies for their efforts), jumping in the waves, looking for shells, playing on the playground. We ended the day with ice cream cones before driving home. The water was COLD, so only ankle deep wading on this trip.

We celebrated 3 family birthdays this week as well.

Fun times with our friends & family!!


kitchu said...

we had such a blast! so glad the trip with Miss Emme went so well :) wish we could have joined you. i wish our spring breaks came at the same time :o(

Lori said...

Looks like you guys had a GREAT week! Fun, fun!!

Your girls are so darn cute. Do I say that in every comment? Well, they are. So cute!! They make me smile.

Have a great week!

5ennie said...

What fun! Both Build-a-Bear & the beach!! Here from Sunday Snapshot.

Amy said...

Oh Debby, I have been soaking up your last few posts...I cannot get over how Lindsi and Jami have grown! Goodness, they are as beautiful and adorable as ever! 8 years ago and 5 years ago, matches made in heaven, Debby, no doubt about it, sweet friend. All three of you are well and truly blessed.