Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Last of Summer

We've been busy with Dance Camp & trips to the beach.

We are winding down the last of our care free, lazy morning days & trying to get back into a decent bedtime routine.

Dance classes are starting back up, soccer try outs are just around the corner.

Yesterday, we marked off our list the last BIG thing before Meet Your Teacher Day!!!

The girls decided they wanted to get their ears pierced. I always told them they could get them done whenever they felt ready. Lindsi's been talking about it for awhile. Jami was planning to put her's off until she turned 10. However, in the last few days, Jami changed her tune & when the time came, Even offered to go first.

They both opted for birthstones & of course, that means Diamonds (or the more affordable CZs) for Jami....

Lindsi got some pretty Emerald birth stones:

We finished the evening off with dinner at out local Ale House. Kids Eat Free on Tue, along with balloon art & face painting.

Pretty good way to end the summer break............

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ourchinagirls said...

Our girls are growing up way to fast! I love the octopus balloon!! We have got to meet up sometime!!