Tuesday, December 6, 2011

So Glad It's December

I'm back........Sorry we have been AWOL for too long.

October was tough for us......what didn't happen?? A leak in the roof in the kids bathroom, new transmission needed in the car, Jami fell & broke her arm...& to top it all off, I lost my camera. Not only were we very Broke, but I am crushed about the camera.....

November we spent trying to heal & recuperate.

And now, it's December!!

Lindsi picked up an awesome Canon camera at a garage sale. She even let's me use it. The roof & the car are both repaired, although I'll be paying that car bill for quite awhile. The cast comes off Jami's arm tomorrow....
Things are definitely looking up for us now.

We were waiting for my parents at a restaurant along the river the on Sun night. Evening time & the natural lighting was just picture perfect. Here are some cute pics I took of the girls with Lindsi's new camera......

See? You've missed us, right??


Anonymous said...

We have! And a great new camera you are using :-)


Lori said...

I've missed you!!

I hate it when "life" happens all at once...ugh. It's no fun spending hard-earned money on all that boring stuff.

So glad you are back on track though. The pics of the girls are so sweet. I can't believe how big they are getting!! They're young ladies! Ack! :)

Have a BLESSED December, friend!