Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Last Beach Weekend of the Year

With Grandma.....

We spent last weekend at the beach. It will probably be our last beach weekend for the year. The girls LOVE the beach....building sand castles & hanging out at the pool all day.

J took this weekend as an opportunity to finally shed her floaties (she had taken swim lessons for 2 weeks in July). She was jumping in, swimming to me, turning around & swimming back to the side. With every jump, her confidence grew. Almost to the point of cockiness, as she asked me towards the end of the afternoon if I wanted to "race" her the width of the pool!! L has really become a good swimmer this summer & we regularly "race"....J just wants to be included.

Update on 1st grade......after some really ugly scoring papers came home last week, I decided that I needed to have a teacher conference. So, I called on Mon, talked to her teacher. She said that she too was concerned about last week's papers, but between her & the interpreter they told L that she needs to SPEAK UP when she doesn't understand the instructions. Almost the same worksheets that she did very poorly on last week, she got 100s on yesterday. So, the teacher feels that we've corrected that issue for now. I hope so.......still monitoring the situation....

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