Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving and an Early Parade

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving & spent it with my sister & her husband & her husband's extended family. Lots of yummy food. Lots of yummy desserts too.
On Friday, my sister, her mother in law, & I got up early to hit the BLACK FRIDAY sales. It was the first time I had ever wandered out for big early morning shopping.

Fortunately, while I had seen some items I would like to get, only Pam had one item on her might be hard to find, get in line early list. We started at Best B*y, but soon found out from the sales clerk that the one item we were hoping to get there, was already out of tickets (we later went back to the same store & found a display case with 100s of them). So we headed next door to join the TRU line. That was probably the most chaotic store we visited all day. And, even at that we were in & out within an hour (I accidentally stumbled onto a hidden checkout counter, so instead of standing in the line that snaked around the store, we only had to wait 2-3 people to check out..SCORE!) & by that time a friend of Pam's had joined us.

We then went over to the store with Pam's big ticket item. We got there an hr before the store opened & were a comfortable #8 in line.

From there we walked over to Chick-***-A, which was giving away free chicken biscuits. Apparently not too many people were aware of this, as we basically had the place to ourselves...but that was a very YUMMY & FREE stop, thanks to Pam who had scoped that out earlier in the week.

We then hit half a dozen more stores & were home about 12:30. My brother in law watched all 5 kids for us. What a guy!! I am really counting my pennies these days, so it was nice to get a deal on some items. Most of all, it was nice to just get out sans kids & get it done. I'm nearly finished now.

Last weekend Lindsi marched in a parade with her dance studio. She has a big parade next weekend. Emma was staying part of the weekend with us. When the boys came on Sun, we took all the kids to the here are some photos from that....

Emma & Jami, bundled up & waiting for the little parade. The big parade is next weekend. This one is comprised of just walkers...mostly scout troops, baton twirlers, & dancers.

Lindsi's dance studio marched / danced to FROSTY THE SNOWMAN & ended up winning first place. They were cute!

Jami at the park.......

Lindsi & cousin Gavin...our two 6 yr olds....=)

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