Monday, December 15, 2008

2nd Fun Filled December Weekend

We are super busy this whole month. This past weekend was no exception.

On Friday after school & work, we headed down to my sister's place in Winter Garden. We attended their Winter Festival at the school. Pam & I make & sell fleece blankets & the cool weather that evening really helped. I think we sold 7 blankets. We usually average about 4, so that was a great night for us.

On Sat, Pam hosted her annual Christmas Party. We have great things to eat, a craft, gift exchange for the kids & a visit from Mr Claus. This is probably the 5th or 6th annual one she's done. We have a lot of fun, although the upper age group (8 & 9) are starting to feel a little old for such parties.

We came home after lunch on Sun, just in time to race to a dual birthday party for some of Lindsi's classmates.

The cousins & Santa....

Lindsi in her face painting

Gavin & his shark eating his hand

Emma & Jami

Party Santa Claus....

Wow! A picture of me twice in one week!!!

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kris said...

looks like you guys have been having all kinds of fun!! miss you guys!!