Thursday, January 22, 2009

Misc Ramblings

It's been pretty normal routine life around here lately. Nothing interesting enough to blog about.....

But, here are a few things roaming around in my head:

- Not only is Cinderella the STAR princess in the Dis*ney collection (according to my girls), but one of our cats also had that name bestowed upon her. Jami has always said Cinda-El-La-la (an extra la in the name). This week I noticed that she was saying the name correctly now. She's slowly losing her toddler speak...=(

- Lindsi is growing vertical at an alarming rate. People at church, who see her every week, comment on it often. Pants that fit her fine in Sept are now above her ankles. Over New Years we picked up the bins of clothes from my niece. Size 7-8s. She nearly skipped over size 6. So, she has about a size 5 waist & needs a 7 in length. She hovered on the 49 lb mark for quite awhile, but all of her recent vertical growth has pushed her over. Friends joke that she could possibly be Yao Ming's love child. ha ha

- It was 18 degrees when Lindsi caught her bus today. I'll download a picture later of her in her winters warmest. Another haha.... Jami, on the otherhand is a summer dress & flip flop kind of girl. She is so LUCKY she was not adopted by a family who lives in cold weather. As long as we don't leave the house, she can wear her halter dress & sandals.......I think she's nuts.

- My sister Pam finally posted her very cute christmas Hall*Mark commercial story. Hop over & read it. It's cute.

- For someone who has never been married, I have been thinking about marriage a lot. No, not to any particular person...more in how marriages work & what makes them successful vs not. For instance, the office of the President has got to be one of the top stressful jobs in the world, yet, as far back as I can remember, the Presidents marriage has been solid (excepte for one...but they are still together).

While I was born during a different President's time in office, the first President I can recall is Richard Nixon. He had Pat. Then Gerald Ford & his rock & love, Betty. Then Jimmy Carter & Rosalyn. Ronald Reagan & Nancy...OK I know Ronnie was married before, but the marriage he had with Nancy was long & love filled. The elder Bush's...George & Barbara, again, another deep & abiding love. The Clintons..they are sort of the odd couple out, but something keeps them together, whether its appearances, or history together, or a comfortable understanding between them. Then George & Laura Bush who I think have a good marriage. Now there is Barack & Michelle. They seem to be living out their own love story. Their marriage seems strong & their family life seems wonderful.

I just think it's interesting that the most stressful job, keeps strong marriages & doesn't rip them apart. **I do know that some Presidents were bachelors..I am just reflecting on these few couples. OR maybe it's the skills that go into a great marriage are also skills needed to be President??? The Vice Presidents have pretty good marriage track records as well.

Oh well...just things on my mind.


Wendy said...

But then, again, Kennedy (pre-Nixon) was rumored to have had affairs...

Debby said...

Yes...hard to say what would have become of the Kennedy's post presidency....but they were before my time, so I'll just stick to analyzing the ones I can recall in "modern" times.....=)

Amy said...

That's interesting, Debby, and really quite remarkable given the level of stress. I hadn't thought about it before.

Oh to be living in a warm maybe got to 22 here today. Brrrrrr

Darlene said...

That's great that Lindsi is growing so well. We have to get the pants with the adjustable waists for some of my kids clothes..they all wear slim.

Looking forward to seeing all of you at CNY!