Monday, January 11, 2010

Baby It's COLD Outside

It feels self indulgent to write about how COLD it has been in Florida lately. Esspecially when I talk to friends who live in Boston & are under 2 ft of snow or my work colleagues in Chicago with their delightful 10 belows....but BRRRRRRR it has been SO COLD here in Central Fl this last week.

My fruit trees have been wrapped in blankets for OVER A WEEK now. I hope they survive. In a usual winter, I only have to wrap them 4-6 times. Our temps this time of year are usually 45 (low) to 72. Our highs right now have barely met 40. This morning it was 18!! Plumbers are doing a booming business repairing cracked pipes. Mine froze, but didn't break...(Yea!!)

I think part of the BRRRRR problem is that Floridians are ill prepared for the cold. We don't have winter coats....our power companies struggle to keep up with the demand for heat. We are heat people.

So, if you can bear with me as we struggle through these COLD days, I promise to offer some compassion when our friends to the North start complaining when it hits 90degrees where they live this summer.

Enjoy our pics of Florida "snow"......


Lori said...

Wow, I can't believe it got down to 18 there!! That's crazy! But yes, we have had our share of extreme bitter cold here in the Midwest too! The other night we were driving home from a basketball game and the car therm said it was -5. CRAZY-COLD!!

Darling pics of the girls enjoying the cold snap!!

Laurie said...

I'm with you! My feet haven't been warm in I don't KNOW when...I love the cold in small bits, but THIS is crazy!