Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day At The Zoo

The girls had a 4 day weekend (Teacher In Service & End of the grading period). I was able to take one of the afternoons off, so we went down to our favorite zoo in Tampa. I love that is never crowded during the weekday afternoons..especially once the school field trips are gone.

They have several Kiddie Rides & that's where my girls love to spend their time. We are "forced" to see the Giraffes, elephants, & zebras, because we pass them to get to the camel rides.

Family Annual Zoo Pass $100
Unlimited Ride Cards $ 45
An afternoon of fun Priceless

Jami's favorite...the Merry Go Round....I think we rode it 8 times. And yet, she'll still need to stand in a line at Disney to ride the carousel there as well....

Jami has a sudden love for horses. She usually won't ride the zoo ponies, but rode them 4 times on Friday.

Our zoo trips feel incomplete if we don't ride the camels. It's almost embarrassing that the camel handler actually recognizes us as "regulars".

I think its funny that Lindsi's biggest stress at the zoo is that she not be the ONLY kid on the roller coaster. She'll ride in a car by herself, but she won't ride the coaster if she's the only one. On Friday she rode the roller coaster 10 times.

A stationary ride.

A new ride! The girls rode the train 3 times before they were lucky enough to snag the conductor box. Then, Jami went back & rode it 2 more times.

We love feeding the Lorikeets

Hurry Mom..before he bites my fingers!

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