Monday, September 13, 2010

It can be different

I am now what I never wanted to be, feeling like an un-cool & old mom......

We went to a birthday party this weekend for a very good friend of Lindsi's. The little girl turned 8. Our 2 girls have been buddies for 5 years. For a long time, they were the only 2 deaf girls in their grade at school. They have both done outstanding with their cochlear implants. That is what they have in common. It's a HUGE thing for them.

We have done birthday parties & playdates with the girls over the years. But let's face it, I'm not sure her parents are yet 30, so I'm at least 15 years older than they are. There are definitely some generational differences. Basically, we're just different.

The birthday cake yesterday was interesting with side by side pictures. One was of Justin Beiber. I don't GET Justin Beiber, BUT I know who he is.

And the other side of the cake was this picture:

I completely felt like I SHOULD KNOW who this guy was.....but the fact that he was shirtless & on an 8 yr olds cake was completely messing with my mind.

As I re told this story later, a friend commented that it was probably one of the Vampire guys....she was right. It's Taylor Lautner. I know who he is as well. (does it matter that I DIDN'T know who he was until he started dating Taylor Swift.....that probably says a lot about It was funny that none of the birthday hostesses wanted to cut the Taylor half of the cake.

My friend & I were talking about kids growing up so quickly.. I'm wondering now if I should feel bad that princesses are still more in vogue than vampires in our household. The girls want to listen to their VBS CDs over anything else.

It's an interesting journey, raising kids. There are clearly some right & wrong ways of doing things....but's just different. The lesson is to embrace the difference. I'm really glad this family is in our circle of friends. Even if at times, it feels different.

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Lori said...

For the record, I had no idea who that guy was either.

And for cryin' out loud. I am shocked that an 8 year old would have a half naked man on her cake (or ANY age girl/woman for that matter!!). Call me old-fashion, I guess...but that's completely inappropriate.

Keep doin' what you're doing, Debby! You're a GREAT mom!