Monday, May 2, 2011

April, Easter, & Kittens

We have been enjoying the spring.

The kids are tanning & have been swimming since late March.

A few pics of our Easter.......

Our biggest spring fun though, are the kittens that the barn cats gifted us with in early April. The mama cat was born of a feral cat last spring. She & her sister stayed & they both had kittens this spring. 1 cat is more feral than the other & she hid her kittens (although we've recently seen 2). The other mama has nearly become domesticated (enough she'll let you pet her, but she won't hop into lap or allow you to pick her up). She had her 5(!!) kittens under the bush near the pool & then moved them right onto the back porch. We've handled her kittens enough, so that we will be able to find homes for them. They'll need homes in about 3-4 weeks.....anyone want a FREE KITTEN?????

Kittens at about 10 days old....

Kittens at 3.5 weeks:

Jami stays true to her early proclamation that she wants to be a vet & is pretty fearless when handling the kittens. Lindsi is a lot more skittish in handling them. She's the one who thought up the towel covering to keep protected from sharp kitty claws.em>

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