Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Turn Around & She's 9.........

Lindsi turned 9 yesterday...she is growing up so quickly

From This:

To This:

Over the weekend we went out of town to a friend's slumber party. Her mom is a single mom as well. We waited for our girls together (via an online single mom grp), & traveled a few weeks apart. Although our girls are from different parts of China, they are both tall & athletic. Her daughter turned 9 on Sat. So far, we've celebrated the girls birthdays together every year.

Happy Birthday Emily!

After the slumber party, we stopped at a newly transplanted (from NY) friend's house. It's always nice to see her. Our girls just meld together & enjoy each other's company & playtime a lot. They gave Lindsi an early birthday treat.

Lindsi opened some presents last night, we will go out to dinner tonight, & her party is this coming weekend.

Fun all week long!!

And,...what's a Springtime post without pics of the adorable kittens that are just about ready to find some new homes.....


Sandra said...

Happy Birthday, Lindsi! Wish we lived closer so that we could celebrate with you :-)

Amy said...

Aw Debby...Lindsi was so adorable then and she is exquisite now...PRECIOUS ALWAYS!

Your birthday tradition with your friends is so special. What a wonderful tie that binds you...that Red Thread at work again...what a blessing!

Happy Belated Birthday, Beautiful Lindsi! May your new year be filled with fun and adventure and oh so much LOVE!