Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Break Cruise

We took a nice Royal Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas over Spring Break. Lindsi took over 200 pictures, so it took me awhile to sift through them & choose the best ones.

I'll save you the pain of browsing through all of are the high lights!

Jami with her new monogrammed PEACE SIGN bag (an early birthday gift), all ready to go.....
Lindsi before we got on the boat
Bon Voyage!
Competition cruise at the other dock.
Every night our waiter would teach the table a new trick. The first night she taught us how to balance a fork on a toothpick!
Yes! Bunk Beds!! Both girls were able to get a top bunk & were thrilled.....

Beads & Braids. These were done on the island of Coco Cay. When the girls heard we were going on a cruise, this was the one MUST DO thing they wanted! Both of the girls got their names beaded into their braids. It came out very nice.
The water at Coco Cay was pretty cool, about 72 degrees...
Cart wheels on the front deck of the ship. Lindsi was thrilled to get so many action shots & Jami outdid her self by doing 100 of them....Luckily, we mostly had that area all to ourselves that afternoon.
Lindsi is so strong...she could hold up that other ship in her palm!
A favorite for Lindsi....SHRIMP!!
Cheers to the Captain at the Welcome Aboard Party!!
Jami climbing to the top of the 40 ft wall. She scampered up that wall just like a Florida Gecko!
Then Lindsi gave it a try. She also climbed all the way to the top in a quick time.
The nice looking Norwegian rock climbing "experts"....mmmmm
Fortunately, Jami did not hit any ice bergs near the Bahamas.....
Our Nassau transportation awaits....
Back on the pineapple drinks around the pool
Thumb wars can happen anywhere
Every night we would come back to a different animal on our bed. This was a demo showing you how to make the various animal towel foldings.
The last night was the pirate parade. Here are my own 2 Buccaneers, complete with war paint!


Sandra said...

That looks like SO much fu. I want to go!!! Nice picture of you with the girls ;-)

Shirley said...

What an amazing trip! You and your girls are so blessed to have each other. What precious memories you made! Thanks for sharing the photos...(great job Lindsi) I enjoyed them all.