Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Jami

Here is my sweet Birthday Girl! It is hard to believe that this dynamo is 7 already!! She was so excited as she sang "Goodbye 6...Hello 7"....

She was so excited to help me make cupcakes to share with her class....

She is also really into Peace Signs this year. Her bedroom was the original playroom. Couple that with being the youngest of all her cousins, & her room became the natural depository for ALL things outgrown & unused. The abundance of stuff was really quite embarrassing & made it impossible to keep her room clean. So, I decided that while she was at school, I would re-do her room. Get rid of the outgrown toys & update it a bit. She HATES if I get rid of anything, so I had to keep it a surprise & do it while she was at school.

We started with this:

I know! I know! It was even more than a pack rat like her could tolerate.

With new bedding & new storage, about 4 hrs later it looked like this:

I could really spend another day in there & I still have to go through all the clothes. My dad came over & helped me hang some new things on her wall & cart the 5 RubberMaid containers out to the shed.

She was thrilled with her "New" room. Happy Birthday Sweetie!!

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Lori said...

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your DARLING little girly! She's so cute. I can't stand it!

And her room...oh golly...(Lucy is a pack rat too)...but wow, did you ever make it look so nice!

It feels so good to have all that junk organized and thrown away, doesn't it?

Love it!!