Thursday, October 23, 2008

Going Solo???

Calling all parents of 1st graders.....
Opinion, you drop your 6 yr old at a birthday party, where you don't know the parents?

I think we are getting to the age of drop off birthday parties. Lindsi was invited to one of her classmates birthday parties. I think probably the whole calss, or at least all of the girls were invited, since the invite came home in her school folder.

At daycare, we routinely skipped the class invite parties & opted only to go to the parties of the kids we knew well.

Lindsi was excited about being invited to this party. I want to help her foster good friendships with the kids at school. I like that she was included. We don't live in the same school zone ( Lindsi attends her current school because the deaf / HOH services are based there), & it is hard to socialize with the kids outside of school.

I guess when I RSVP, I'll see what the party plan is.....
I don't think I have any concerns about her safety, just whether or not she can successfully navigate the social situation, on her own, with her language skills.

I sound like a way too over protective

So folks, what age do / did you just drop kids off at birthday parties where you don't know the other family????


Maureen said...

I would probably stick around for a little get a good feel for the family/parents, how safe and watchful they are and then decide whether or not to go. If I didn't feel comfortable, I would just stay and jump in an help.

Oh, and you've been tagged! Check here for more details:

Terynn said...

Heck, no! I completely agree with Maureen. No need to feel funny about being a caring, involved mom. Really.

Val said...

I think age 18, generally. :D :D

Go with your mommy-vibes. Hope all are well. You guys need to come north to play in REAL SNOW this winter. :D That fake stuff is for the birds. :D

Lindsey's mom said...

I have a first grade boy and I would never leave him if I did not know the family. Love your blog BTW. My daughter is Lindsey Li. Love the spelling of your Lindsi.