Saturday, October 11, 2008


My new blog friend, Lisa, Tagged me. Do you know what that means? It means I need to come up with an unusual or weird fact X 7(!!!) to share with my Blog readers. But, first, be sure to go by & read her very funny blog postings. Just this week she covered topics as diverse as semi-large families to how to tell if your dog is obese (which was hilarious & you have to read the comments on that because it gets even funnier). 7 (Boring) and Weird or Unusual facts about me.......

1. Since Lisa wrote that she sort of learned some German off a CD, I will reveal that I was actually born in Germany. Frankfurt to be in exact. So, in my immediate little family, NONE of us were born in the Good Ole USA & yet we are all now USA citizens.

2. I graduated in the top 10% of my high school class. Of 332 students, I was #32.
Before you think I was SMART, just know that I took a few AP classes, but I was not considered National Honor Society material.

3. When I was in China & could not communicate with the Chinese, I would habitually try to use ASL (American Sign Language) to emphasize my message. I looked ridiculous. Most Americans don't understand come I thought that would just clear up my message with the Chinese?

4. This past Wed, I helped our church unload 2500 (felt like most were GI-NORMOUS) pumpkins, for our annual pumpkin patch. In the pouring rain. Then I came home, parked the girls in front of a Disney movie, took a shower, climbed into my PJs, took a few Advil, sent the girls to bed & fell alseep on the couch by 9:30.

5. I like to cook when I have time. When I have to bring food anywhere, I very rarely bring something routine. I always use potluck occasions to make something new & have other people try out, while I anonymously listen to their comments. If it's getting good reviews, I'll own up that its mine. If it's bad, I can just agree...Oh yeah...what silly person thought mayo jello would go over well at a kids birthday party??? NOTE: I have NEVER made Mayo Jello!!!!

6. Fact #6...I don't even LIKE mayonnaise!

7. My 6 yr old is very neat & organized. Her room puts the rest of the house to shame. She uses something & automatically puts it right away. I'm hoping her good habits will rub off on me, but so far, nothing....nadda...

This is so much harder than it seems.....

I am going to tag:

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Lisa said...

Debby! You did it!!!!! Congrats. I know, it was hard, wasn't it? VERY stressful! and all that linking business....oh my! I'm proud of you. And I LOVE mayo. But I will still read your blog. :) And being the loser who always brings chips and salsa to potlucks, I say, YOU GO GIRL. I adore the people who bring actual food. Yummy stuff. You can come to my potlucks anytime.

Thanks for the shoutout, Debby!


Lisa :)