Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Families in the Making

Two of my very dear, single, friends are both on their way to China today to meet their new daughters on Monday! It has been such a very long wait for both, but especially for Kris.

They've both posted today & they are not out of the country yet (I think that's funny)!!

Two adorable girls about to meet some amazing moms. I am thrilled & excited for all. I hope their travels & transitions go smoothly. I wish for them happiness that can not be contained, memories etched into their hearts, and love overflowing.

Join them on their journeys......
Laurie is going to get Hannah, a beautiful little 14 month old.
Kris (& Garth) are meeting Ellis, an incredibly special 3.5 yr old.

We can't wait to meet the newly formed families. I wish I was there.......

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