Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lost & Found

Lindsi's cochlear looks just like this....with a 6" cable that runs to a disc magnet, which sticks on her head. She wears it everyday. When she was younger, I used to have a ribbon around the cable that dropped down & was pinned to her shirt. That way, at age 3 or 4, if her CI fell off her head, it wasn't lost.

Last year, she got too old for such things.

She is EXTREMELY responsible & careful with her hearing equipment.

So, you can imagine my surprise yesterday afternoon when I got a call from Lindsi's teacher telling me they had lost the CI. YIKES.....My first thought was...I hope they didn't lose it on the PE field. My second thought was....how did it get lost??

Well, at the end of the day, some kids were stacking chairs & packing up their things to go home. As Lindsi lifted her chair, it brushed her CI, knocking it off her head. Did it fall to the ground? Did it "stick" to something? Did it fall into the pile of backpacks close by? They looked for as long as they could before kids needed to get to car lines, busses, aftercare. Then, her teacher, along with 3 or 4 others went back to class and searched. I was actaully relieved that they had it narrowed down to the room. But, it was no where to be found.

About 10 minutes after the first call, I called Lindsi's teacher back to make sure she put a sign out for the cleaning crew NOT to clean until we got there this AM to look some more. When the school secretary answered, she said Ms B..Mrs R just called & she found something of Lindsi's in A's backpack. She 's bringing it right over!!! YIPPEEE!!! I was so relieved that I could greet Lindsi at the bus stop with the great news.

So, I piled the kids in the car & drove to the school to pick her cochlear up. It was at the front desk all lovingly wrapped in several layers of tissue. A note subsequently from the mom said her son was absolutely dumbfounded on how it ended up in HIS backpack.

This morning at school, no less than 20 people stopped us to ask if it had been found yet.

We are thankful that:
- Teachers care to go the extra mile looking for lost items.
- Parents check backpacks when kids get home.
- The school "village" all expressed concern about the missing CI.

I'm going to get A a certificate for a Free ice cream cone. He's unwittingly become an innocent player in our missing CI game........

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Sandra said...

This is my biggest fear!
I am so glad everyone was so careful and willing to find that precious piece of equipment!
A happy ending for sure :-)