Friday, June 25, 2010

Camping at the River

In an effort to try & do something different & fun each week this summer this week we went with my sister & her family just up the road to Ichnetucknee State park. The High Springs are there.

We tent camped with them (they are an experienced boy scout family with all of the gear). My girls did incredibly well with the camping, considering all their previous camping experiences had been in a rather nice RV. In fact, the girls are all about us getting a tent now too. I'm just not sure how much tent camping I would really do with the girls by myself.

We went tubing down the river. That was so much fun. The water was cool (72 degrees), felt great & was so clear. We saw lots of turtles. Jami said her favorite part was getting OUT of the river. I don't believe her.

After the tubing, we went swimming in the Springs. COLD again. This was better for the big kids, because it was deep & the bottom was large, uneven, moss covered rock. For our new swimmers, a bit difficult to navigate. We hiked over to Blue Springs & my sister & BIL took turns swimming with the kids over the 50-60 ft cave in the water. With their goggles on they could see the fish. They loved that.

Something I would definitely do again. It was less than 2 hrs away.

Lindsi doing her part to set up camp....

Jami doing her part to carry the backpack to the river

All the kids getting ready to "Tube".....

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Lori said...

Wow...tent camping...that's hard core. I just can't bring myself to even think about doing that! Perhaps if humidity didn't exist I would, but it does, so I won't.

ANYWAY, great pics. Your girls are simply gorgeous!!!